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Auto Repair Service



Brighton |  Whitmore Lake |  Hamburg |  Hartland |  Pinckney 
South Lyon |  New Hudson |  Wixom |  Milford |  Highland |  Clyde 
Tire Service

We sell new tires, repair your current ones, and perform tire rotation as well.

Oil Change Service

Insure your vehicle's long future with consistent oil changes and maintenence checks.

Car Tune Up Service

We help you avoid costly repairs by providing a tune up service to ensure your vehicle's stability.

Brake Service

Your brakes are a crucial part of your vehicle's safety system, so it's important to make sure they are in a good running condition.

Wheel Alignment Service

Enhance the longevity of your tires and guarantee that your vehicle drives straight with our wheel alignment service. Get your alignment done now and reduce the risk of costly repairs.

Air Conditioning Service

We use state of the art air conditioning recharging equipment and leak detection systems. We are trained air conditioning engineers that will get you back to enjoying your drive.

Automotive Electrical Service

Wether it be power doors, power windows, or something as simple as a light bulb, we can fix the problem and get you back on the road.

Exhaust System Service

The exhaust system is one part of your vehicle to need repairs or replacement due to the extreme temperatures it must endure as well as the close proximity to road grime and water.

Fuel Injection Service

Having your injection system periodically cleaned will improve your vehicle's fuel efficiency, horsepower, and overall performance.

Radiators and Coolant Service

Stop your engine from overheating by keeping up on your coolant system maintenence. Doing the minor repairs now means you are less likely to spend more later.

Suspension System Service

Shocks and struts, while allowing for a more comfortable ride, also play significant roles in tire wear and steering control.