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Race Car Alignments


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We love the hot rods and keeping them straight down the road or track has been part of the kovach tradition for many years. Race car alignments in Brighton and Howell or anywhere in Livingston County MI.

We've all had those pesky alignment problems. The steering wheel doesn't line up or maybe your car pulls hard to one side, perhaps everything appears OK, but when it comes to going fast not only do you need a functioning system to keep the weight transfer in check.

  • Four Wheel Alignment: Both front and rear wheels are adjusted. This is the most typical kind of alignment. 80% of newer cars require this type of wheel alignment.
  • Geometric Wheel Alignment: Only the front wheels are adjusted. This type of wheel adjustment is mainly used for older cars, where the rear wheels are correctly aligned to the car's centerline.
  • Compensated Wheel Alignment: If a vehicle has a damaged chassis, it will need this type of alignment. Both front and rear wheels are adjusted parallel to each other with a centered steering box.
  • Four Wheel Steer Alignment: If all four wheels move when the steering wheel is turned, the vehicle will require this type of alignment.

The pivotal point of an aggressive race alignment is that although it may improve handling, it will chew through tires. So, it is imperative to have a seasoned tech at the controls to achieve a balance of both if you run a street-driven track car.