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Suspension Service


Brighton |  Whitmore Lake |  Hamburg |  Hartland |  Pinckney 
South Lyon |  New Hudson |  Wixom |  Milford |  Highland |  Clyde 

Suspension system service in Brighton, Michigan servicing all of Livingston and Oakland County for over 25 years. Kovach's Auto Repair specializes in wheel alignment, servicing most all vehicles, domestic and foreign.

Shocks and struts, while allowing for a more comfortable ride, also play significant roles in tire wear and steering control. The shock's job is to dampen or even eliminate spring oscillation. A bouncing tire cannot stop quickly. Struts support the entire wheel assembly of your car. Because of this, they are built sturdier to house the spring, which is taking most of the pressure.

  • Suspension Replacement: The entire suspension / strut assembly is replaced, including new springs, shocks, and struts. Reccomended for heavily damaged systems.
  • Shock Replacement: Only the shocks will be replaced. This could result from leaky valves, which allows the fluid to flow past the shock's piston.
  • Strut Replacement: Struts are complete suspension assemblies that loses its natural tension properties as they fail. It is important to check them if the vehicle rattles and shakes after hitting bumps in the road.

The suspension system, while not essential to the general operation of a motor vehicle, makes a big difference in the amount of satisfaction while driving. Shocks and struts help determine how much the suspension is allowed to move. It acts as a bridge between the road and the occupants of the vehicle.

The majority of our suspension system customers come from Brighton, Hartland, Howell, Pinckney, Whitmore Lake, Hamburg, along with, South Lyon, New Hudson, Wixom, Milford, Highland, and Clyde. Kovach's generates repeat business, simply because they have so much to offer their customers.