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An Exhaustive Check

Mufflers, Catalytic Converters & Full Exhaust Systems

At Kovach's we recommend that you perform regular examinations of your vehicles exhaust system yourself. And if you notice any peculiar smells or white smoke coming from your exhaust you may have a problem that will need immediate attention. Call to schedule an appointment today or for tips on examining your exhaust system yourself.

Every so often, it pays to check your vehicle's exhaust. The best time to perform this inspection is during the warm part of the day. A check in the cool of the morning often results in a false reading in the form of clouds of exhaust caused by condensation. While this is generally nothing to worry about, dark smoke may be reason for concern. This is usually a signal that your vehicle is burning oil, which may warrant a ring job. If the exhaust emits dense, white clouds, the culprit most likely is a leaky head gasket that is allowing coolant to seep into the engine. This problem should be addressed right away.

What We Service

Another common problem is oxidization of the pipes, also known as rust. This corrosion is caused by moisture reacting with the iron in the steel, forming iron oxide. The moisture is a byproduct of combustion and also comes from rain. The earlier you notice rust, the easier it is to repair.

The majority of our automotive electrical repair customers come from Brighton, Hartland, Howell, Pinckney, Whitmore Lake, Hamburg, along with, South Lyon, New Hudson, Wixom, Milford, Highland, and Clyde. Kovach's generates repeat business, simply because they have so much to offer their customers.