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Kovach's Helpful Tech Articles

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Brakes & Calipers - Spongy Brakes

If your brake pedal feels spongy, it is likely that there is air in the hydraulic system. It is the elasticity of the air that creates the mushy feel of the brake pedal. To remove the air, the system must be bled. Air usually enters the system either via a leak somewhere along the brake system's...

Exhaust Systems - An Exhaustive Check

Every so often, it pays to check your vehicle's exhaust. The best time to perform this inspection is during the warm part of the day. A check in the cool of the morning often results in a false reading in the form of clouds of exhaust caused by condensation. While this is generally nothing to ...

Electrical Systems - All Charged Up

To provide the electricity needed to keep the battery charged, the alternator and the voltage regulator work in tandem. While the alternator generates the electrical current necessary to charge the battery and power the electrical components as the engine runs, the voltage regulator controls the ...

Radiator & Cooling Systems - Not So Cool(ant)

When an automobile's radiator leaks, it may be that the coolant has not been changed according to the recommended schedule and has become corrosive. Coolant leaks may also stem from normal vibration that has led to separation between parts connected by solder, epoxy, or mechanical crimps...

Suspension Systems - Ties that Bind

Tie rods are suspension components that relay force from the steering center link or the rack gear to the steering knuckle, which enables the wheels to turn. When this component becomes worn or loose, it causes a feathered wear pattern on the tires. One simple and effective way to detect worn ...

Air Conditioning Systems - Cold Truth

Many vehicle owners take it for granted that their air conditioning systems will perform flawlessly when called upon. Yet very few vehicle owners take the time to have their AC systems checked as a matter of regular maintenance. As a result, too many car owners only address problems as they occur ...

Drive-train Systems - Turning Attention to the Differential

The wheels of any vehicle spin at different speeds, essentially when turning. That is, when a vehicle changed direction, the front wheels scribe a larger arc than the rear wheels, and the outside tires dot he same relative to the inside tires. Without the power-transmitting "differential,"...

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